Your Business Needs This Successful Direct Response Marketing Strategy

The focal point of Direct Response Marketing is to it evoke an immediate response from your Target Market by compelling them to take an action in your Content; whilst being able to track results.

This tactic is based upon Good Business Principles.

… What?

That means this strategy is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’; however it can make you immense money long-term.

Direct Response BigCommerce FB Ad
The CTA in this Ad is ‘Learn More’

A core principle, or value the majority of entrepreneurs share is ‘Providing Value / Solving Problems for their Consumers & Target Market!’.

Gary Vaynerchuk has built his businesses based off of the same principles… value, value, value!

The End Goal of Direct Response Marketing, is to compel the Lead to take an action.

Thus, the need to build a connection with the lead is apparent.

Think about it this way, you don’t click on links you don’t trust… Thus you’ve got to establish trust to enable your leads.

Luckily there are numerous ways to do that… but mainly, it’s with content; remember, Content is King & Context is Queen!

direct response
These are Channels to use for Direct Response Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Web Series
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media Networks
  • Podcasts

These are all pieces of Content in which you will form this bond of trust!

Use what you think you can rock out best, if not… your content will be missing the same level of comfortability you could’ve had on another platform.

A couple of factors play into getting a Lead to taking an action for Direct Response Marketing and you’ve got to make sure you address these factors in your Content!

  1. Irresistible Offers … your Content / Product / Service must be awesome!
  2. Scarcity … can be used as Fear of Missing Out, or time limits on Offers.
  3. Solve a Problem … this ties in with #1 but, you’ve got to solve the problems of your Target Market


Address all of these factors in your Direct Response Marketing Campaigns and I can assure you will get clicks… From there, you need to Split Test and Optimize your Campaigns!

Remember your ABT’s… Always Be Testing.


Actionable Direct Response Strategies

I use this Awesome Strategy to help my Clients grow their Email Lists, Increase Leads & also the Customer Value Long-term…

This Strategy is from Digital Marketer itself, it works…


1. Finding your Product / Market Fit

If you’re all the way at the start of the Entrepreneurial Marathon race, you’ve got to choose your passion… What do you naturally gravitate toward…? Do that.

Once you’ve got a Service or Product surrounding your passion, the next step is finding your Product / Market Fit.

product market fit
Source :

What does that mean?

  • Who’s your Target Market?
  • Who’s your Competitors for this Market?
  • What are their needs?
  • What problems do they have?
  • How can you solve their problems?
  • How can you reach this Target Market?
  • How can you give them the best possible experience?
  • Where does the value lay in your product / service?

Don’t ask yourself anything your Target Market has to answer… you need honest feedback!

Go find where you fit in your Niche.

2. Start Sending Traffic

This is where you get Traffic to your Offer via Content, Ads or Email…

Types of Content include:

  • Blog Post
  • Vlog
  • Podcast
  • Social Media Posts

You get the idea, there has to be an opportunity for a Call To Action (CTA). That’s exactly where Content, as well as Advertisements work best.

The attention is there, time to capitalize on that attention.


3. Lights, Camera, Action… or… no Action?

Great Direct Response Marketing Campaigns are irresistible. Making you feel as if you need this offer…

Thus, Copywriting is an influential feature in getting Leads to Click on your CTA.

The basics to good copy is this…

  • Use Terminology your Niche uses / understands
  • Grab the attention of the Lead
  • Solve a Specific Problem
  • Mindset Switch – Take the Lead from State of Mind ‘A’ to State of Mind ‘B’

Many of the CTA’s in Blog Posts use a Strategy where they have Lead Magnets or Content Upgrades.

These must be irresistible… When they are, they establish you as an Authority / Expert in your Niche!


4. Content Upgrade / Lead Magnet

Now that we’ve touched on the Meat & Potatoes of this campaign, the Lead Magnet, we can explain how this is the lynch pin of the whole operation…

Here’s an Article written by my buddy Danavir Sarria from Copy Monk with 101 Lead Magnet’s for you to use!

The Content Upgrade allows you to establish a Return Path with the Lead.


In order for the Lead to receive the Content Upgrade they’ve got to input their Name & Email before it’s sent, or a download link is shown.

This is where you get an opportunity, if things ever go south, to open up a conversation again via Email Marketing.

Content Upgrades are essential to your Direct Response Marketing Campaigns, it helps you to take a Cold Lead from your Blog… into a Warm Lead in which you can build a connection with!

Good Salesmen & Marketer’s know that Connection is everything.


5. ROI via Self-Liquidating Offers

What is a Self-Liquidating Offer?

Well, it’s an offer which pays for the traffic in your Advertising Campaign for your Core Offer.

As a Businessman or woman, your goal is making the most money possible…

So what if you could minimize your losses whilst still making sales on your Core Offer, or High Ticket Offer.

That’s the idea of the SLO (Self-Liquidating Offer).

An SLO will help you recoup money spent on getting Traffic to your Ads on Google, Facebook / Socials etc.

It’s price range is $20-60… not everyone will buy the SLO.

That’s okay.

Do the Math for the Following to Price your SLO…

  • How much are you spending on Traffic?
  • What % of Traffic will Convert? (5-15% for many Small Businesses I’ve worked with)
  • What Price Point do I need to meet my Traffic Budget?

This will help you determine what Price to make your SLO, but in order to recoup the money…

You’re SLO has to be irresistible and relevant to your Core Offer!


6. The Main Course – Your Core Offer

 big ticket items

This is what you’re truly trying to sell.

Core Offer’s generally are $100+ and must solve a specific problem… otherwise, nothing is being sold.

For anyone who bought your SLO, you up-sell to the Core Offer. The key is the relevancy of the SLO. If it’s not relevant, will your Core Offer sell?

Probably not…

Example : an SLO for a Web Design company can be a $10 Website Audit (1 page long)… the smart salesmen would then offer their Web Design Services.

You’ve shown a need and problems, now you provide the solution…

Not everyone who comes for your services will have a website, but those that do… will want to know what’s wrong.

Best case scenario, you provide the solution!

Once the solution is met, you can have a pop-up for a Profit Maximizer.

It’s not a trick… it does what it says.


7. Maximizing Your Profit

They bought your Core Offer and potentially your SLO beforehand…

Now it’s time to maximize that profit; they pulled out their wallet already.

The trust is clearly there with you, capitalize.

With the previous example of Web Design you can use Marketing Strategies as a Profit Maximizer to Drive more Traffic to their revamped site, tailored to their Business.

You’re trying to make it convenient, relevant and worthwhile.

A tough puzzle to solve, if you don’t know what you’re selling.

Solve a problem.



At every Step along the way… The client can say no.

This is where you try to create a Return Path.

If you’ve gotten their Email, awesome!

On the flip side… hopefully you have Facebook Pixels set up on your Website so you can track who’s coming to your site, what traits / interests do your Leads have in common etc. and target this group with more Content.

If not, New Leads will come with New Content.

  1. Email Marketing… Create Value, Insights, Blog Posts, New Content etc.
  2. Blog… get people on your Website with Content!
  3. Retarget… use the Emails you’ve collected to send them to SLO’s, Core Offers or Profit Maximizers!
  4. Get them on Social… Cultivate audiences on Social Networks, a direct line of communication.
  5. Advertise to your Social Following… Bingo you’ve just created a System which feeds itself and can make you money!
conversion funnel.jpg
Source : — Tripling Profits with a Conversion Funnel

That is the ultimate Direct Response Campaign… Use it, tweak it, make it work for your Business however you can.

Optimize everything, keep looking for new ways to grow your Business.

Direct Response Marketing strategies don’t get much better than this…


Here’s a brief summary again for the TLDR;


Summarizing Direct Response Marketing

Build Trust with your Target Market via Great Content

Get leads to take an action in said Content with an offer — Lead Magnets are what these are in many types of Content.

Make it compelling, irresistible & scarce… otherwise no action is taken

Use a variety of platforms where your Target Market ‘hangs out’ to Distribute Content with your Lead Magnet / Offer … Social Networks, Email Marketing, Content Marketing (YouTube / Blogs & Forums)

Follow Up with those who haven’t taken action (Content Marketing, Re-Targeting & Email Marketing)


Use the above Steps to build your Community via Direct Response Marketing… see where it will take your business!



Comment below with Any Questions you might have concerning Direct Response Marketing & I’ll respond as soon as I can!


                        Post written by : Kevin ThompsonSmart Marketer's Choice Podcast Cover Art


Author: Kevin Thompson

Co-Founder / CEO of Website Warriors Co. Marketing Strategist & Sales

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